Psyfood Lab

Current lab members


Richard Höchenberger
doctoral student - Modelling multisensory integration & taste psychophysics

Sherlley Amsellem
doctoral student - Semantic congruence in odor-taste interactions

Raphael Wallroth
doctoral student - Decoding taste features from EEG 

associated doctoral student - Taste perception in obesity
based at MPI for Cognitive & Brain Sciences Leipzig

Andrea Katschak
lab manager & technical assistant

Maria Pie
master student (Nutrition sciences)

Jenny Ludwig
master student (Biology)

Lorenzo Alfine
research assistant & master student (Bioengineering)

Sarah Polk
master student (Social, cognitive, and affective neuroscience)

Katharina Hamann
master student (Nutrition sciences)

Sean Kallsen-MacKenzie, student intern (2015)

Svenja Huhndorf, research assistant (2015)

Annika Walisnki, student intern (2015)

Juliane Brückner, master student Nutrition Sciences (2014-2015)

Melanie Meindl, student intern (2014)

Clara Raithel, student intern (2014)

Susann Ullrich, senior research assistant (2014)

Franziska Machens, diploma student Psychology (2014)

Nico Willmann, research assistant (2013)

Dominik Koller, research assistant (2012-2013), currently master student at Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin

Yfke de Vries, research assistant (2013), currently doctoral student at Wageningen UR
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